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Why This is Happening

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In the immediate sense that is... because Spanish investigators took their results to Cycling's governors to preserve the integrity of the Tour. Some quick repercussions:

  • There's a piece at the CyclingNews coverage that ASO rejected the decision to include Astana. But does that mean they're upset or they won't let them start? Details unclear... But favorites #1 and #2 are gone... #3 could be too, even though he's not on the list. Mancebo too... jesus...
  • The clean teams apparently have been protesting that something must be done. Can't say I blame them. But it could be ugly for a while.
  • Also, teams whose riders got the boot won't be replacing them, they'll just ride with 8 or 7 or whatever. The teams unanimously decided to do this.
  • Speculate on who's gonna win? Damn... the Americans, the Russians, the Discovery guys, Valverde... at this point maybe someone we haven't even thought of. Who knows?