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Doping talk aside for a moment

I highly recommend popping over to for some wonderful 'old' race footage and commentary by Phil. I just got through watching the 1995 San Sebastian classic and two things seem even clearer to me than before:

  1. it's a much hard classic than a lot of people know (it's just full of climbs - this edition had two 2's and two 1's)
  2. had Lance never contracted cancer and continued focusing on being a one day rider, there's a good chance he would have won a World Cup or two. He was totally built in the Musseuw / Boonen mold, a big power rider who could climb and sprint.
I don't think there's any doubt that focused on the WC he would have scored well in races like Flanders, PR, Amstel, LBL, San Sebstian, and Lomdardi. In a parallel universe it would be fun to watch.