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Techs-Mechs: New Campy Crank/BB

Campagonlo the venerable Italian manufacturer of bike components, has decided to join Shimano and FSA in the outboard bearing crank bb design.  Their new design called the Ultra-Tourque, will be introduced in their 2007 range from Mirage up to Record (according to early reports).  Like Shimano and FSA the bottom bracket will use a similar outboard bearing system.  Unlike the Shimano and FSA design, instead of a sold spindle built into to the drive side, the Campy crank will use a two piece spindle with a "Hirth" coupling that connect the two pieces in the center.  The Hirth, is essential a series of pointy teeth that will interlock and then attach with a single bolt.  I have only seen sketches (and some small unrevealing photos) of the design, but the company claims that it will produce an extremely rigid crank without the extended Q-factor (overall width in laymans terms) of it's competitors.  I for one, am excited by this innovation.  Maybe now I can score a 2006 Record Carbon crankset for under $300.  Overall I'm a bit skeptical of the Hirth coupling and single bolt, since this means there will be a break in the center of the spindle.  I will report back when I can see some large photos or schematics of the design.