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Moving Right Along...

I took my rest day today already... blogging can be difficult from the bike, trattoria, or beach. I haven't finished watching enough of today's stage to comment intelligently on it, so I'll try this instead: I'm really glad it's over and we can turn the page on the start of this Tour.

This first week of the Tour has kind of been weird, at least for me, and presumably one or two of you. First, the conclusion of the World Cup hung over the Tour as a major distraction... especially if your team went on to win it. heh heh... Second, the drugs story -- look, I know I said it was being eclipsed by the racing, and I didn't exactly lie, but I have to admit freaking out a bit yesterday during the time trial, contemplating what Ullrich would have done to the field (insert violent metaphor here).

Add to that the suspended animation in which the GC is placed during the first week of the Tour, and you're left feeling like it's all a cruel false start. Not that I don't totally love the sprints, it's just that the headliners are kind of lurking around just trying to stay out of trouble. And after a prologue and eight stages, I'm ready for some mountains.

I want to hear Phil say that someone has blown this race apart.

I want to use the word KABOOM! in a comment thread to describe someone's sudden demise.

I want to see the riders scattered all over the slopes of a majestic mountain.

I want to see quality measured in minutes, not in same-time placings.

I want to see teamwork played out over the course of the stage.

Let's get started Tuesday.