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Disco's Dilemma

No, not in this year's Tour, that's already been decided by today's results (stage hunting from now on). I mean, what are they to do for next season? Discovery Channel, Lance (part owner) and Johan  (vested interest) cannot be pleased with how things are unfolding and will be under pressure to rectify that for the 2007 Tour. But how?

Do they:

  1. See what Danielson does in the Vuelta (8th last year) and try and build a team around supporting him in '07 when he'll be physically more mature but still young (28). He's shown that he can climb and TT, has won shorter stage races, and has completed a grand tour.
  2. Hope Popovych has a good winter of training and improves in both climbing and TTing?
  3. Try to rehire Floyd (he knows the routine and he's supposedly repaired his friendship with Lance)
  4. Try to rehire Levi and hope he doesn't have stomach upset at the wrong time next year (he also knows the routine but left the club after he showed up Heras at the 2001 Vuelta. I've heard that the parting was amicable though)
  5. Other