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Musette du Jour: Bastille Day Aftermath

Packed calendar today, so I'll be wicked brief here... you know where to get race results, and if somehow you don't, look to your left.

I can't wait for post-stage quotes from Ballan and Freire. They seemed at odds at the end, and Oscarita was riding negatively, letting Ballan take up the chase of Popo every time, which isn't cool unless he was cooked. But Freire redeemed himself a bit by sitting up instead of sprinting for 2nd.

more and more...

Tons of stuff leftover from yesterday, being such an epic stage and all...

  • ESPN catches on! Julich's diary is a can't miss, with his take on the stage and his American rival/friends. The Worldwide Leader also breaks down Discovery's debacle.
  • While on the subject of the T-Mob, latest news is Jan was doped at last year's Tour. Every day.

Finally, Boonen breaks down the sprints again:

If I look back on the entire week, every time something was wrong it was just because the speed wasn't high enough. It might sound strange, but in this Tour we're sprinting at much lower speeds than ever before, at least five k's an hour slower. When you have seven guys leading you out you sprint at 70, 72 km/h, and here, I sprint not even at 65 km/h, it makes a big difference! I was talking to Mario Cipollini, who said he had the same problem. We both need high speeds, because then all the small guys like McEwen and Freire, they die. They stay in my wheel, and then they die. If I go 2 km/h faster, they can't come out of my wheel. But now, at these lower speeds, they wait in my wheel and then they come around. I take too much wind, the speed comes down - bam. That's the only problem there is. But that's not something I'm worried about, as it's not really my mistake. That's just the way it is.