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TdF'06: Stage 14 Open Thread

Today promises to be an interesting one for a few reasons. First, Landis just gave away the yellow jersey, assuming he can reclaim it later. Oscar Pereiro inherited it on a long break, but it remains to be seen how deep he dug while the rest of the pack was strolling in the park. Then there's the green jersey... McEwen will be hard-pressed to arrive in Gap with the rest of the gang, with the Cols de Perty and La Sentinelle reaching cat-2 status, the last one a mere 9km from the line. Will Boonen or Freire take advantage and catch Robbie out? Will Oscar Pereiro be able to defend his new kit? Does Caisse d'Epargne have the ability and the will to chase down all the (numerous) attacks on this lumpy course?

Stay tuned...