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Musette du Jour

Quick Process Check:

We're operating without a net now... I reluctantly admit that I am on vacation this week (from the day job) -- which is great, and should enable my obsession with the Tour even better than the normal routine. If the cable guy comes by to the house we rented, and if cable in the Methow Valley (stone's throw from Canada) has OLN. Otherwise, I may be asking for a lot of help, which is always nice and more entertaining anyway. I'll keep you posted. The clock is ticking, and the Alpe looms...

Just a couple brief links; tomorrow will hold more loose chatter.

  • He could complain, I suppose, about Fedrigo forcing him to lead out the last km, but for his part, runner-up Sergio Commesso did not retreat to the comfort of process fouls.
The Neapolitan might have problems with numbers because his last win actually happened four years ago! It was the Trofeo Matteotti in 2002. Since these years when he was under the spotlight, he has become a domestique. "Everyday I work for the others," he said while fuming. "And for once when it is my day, I'm only able to lose. What should I do to win? Kill my opponents maybe..."

Try head-butting him next time.