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Stage 15: Things to read in suspended animation

Not surprisingly there are no shortage of resources out there to familiarize yourself with tomorrow's final climb. Should be pointed out that they also climb the Izoard and Lauteret, but nobody seems to care much about that. It's all about the 21 switchbacks, the hellish lower slopes... and in a more meaningful way, the chance to make some huge chunks of time on your rivals. Yes, the Joux-Plane is just as nasty, and Wednesday's stage overall may be the biggest grind, but the conventional wisdom is that the biggest fireworks will be on THE Alpe.

The basics: Pez gets into details, such as the fact that turn 18 honors Hennie Kuiper. Go to Wikipedia for an essay history on just the Alpe. Ditto for Eurosport.

Pez pens a set of memoirs including the obligatory Hampsten win chat. Does anyone get more ink out of ancient wins, per win, than Hampsten? Good rider, great flair for drama... Anyway, the Paceline has a straight preview too.

Klodi: Let's get started!

Some other tidbits: keep on keepin on...

  • Cycling Revealed, who is sure to hit its stride after the Alpe, does a feature on Floyd's ride and some other Phonak tidbits.
  • When you start a public statement with "I am not in hiding", you're off to a bad start. That's Der Jan's life these days.
  • This should be reprinted, even if it's tabloid nonsense:
Bjarne Riis has denied that suspended CSC team leader Ivan Basso is on his way to Discovery Channel following reports from Italian press. According to the Gazzetta Dello Sport, relations between the 2006 Giro winner and his directeur sportif are rock-bottom in the wake of "Operacion" Puerto.

Also, Stephen Tyler is rumored to be joining the Rolling Stones. That's from community member Ramon, a classic rock Guru. After all, he is from the land of Bob Seeger.