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"I Suffered From the Beginning..."

So speaks ex-Tour leader/likely winner Floyd Landis.

Today witnessed one of the most dramatic days of Cycling in a decade, certainly the most dramatic since Jan Ullrich's implosion in the 1998 Tour. It seemed all week that Landis was riding a tactically conservative race that, thanks to his time trialing, would land him in yellow in Paris. But Landis' achilles in past Tours has been the one bad day, and his jour sans came at a terrible time this year. It wasn't the hip, it wasn't a food bonk... he just couldn't recover from yesterday's effort, however controlled it had appeared.

For all the time we've spent talking about tactics, today showed that Floyd Landis did everything he could to win, and it wasn't enough. Or more to the point, no matter what he could have done differently, his legs were bound to let him down, if only just this one day.