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Musette du Jour/Prologue Wrap

In case you haven't heard, Landis' excuse was that they noticed a cut in his tire at the last second... and didn't seem to know it was the last second. So he was messing around not knowing he'd missed his start. Anyway, a quick news roundup:

  • Race stories up everywhere; the best isPez, or at least the most colorful. Also, Eurosport makes their effort too.
  • Apparently Hincapie was gunning for the stage win:
American George Hincapie, who missed out on the Tour de France prologue victory by a hair, was disappointed he did not take the Yellow Jersey. "I wanted to win, I have been training a lot for this, so I am disappointed," the Discovery rider told Reuters news agency.

More on the flip...

  • CN also hears fromo Pat McQuaid regarding yesterday's scandals.