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The Outlier

Anyone else notice this in the GC after today?

176 Danilo Di Luca (Ita) Liquigas                                      3.13

176th on GC. As in, dead last. I got briefly distracted when OLN showed him and didn't hear, he may be ill or something. Obviously something isn't right. Like, his entire year.

I became a mild DiLuca fan last year, he rode with great class during the 2005 Giro, particularly for a Classics rider. Plus he's from Abruzzo, our family's ancestral turf. So it was with some horror to me that I read his reaction to this year's absurd Giro parcours: "I think I can win, and I'm giving up all other races to do so." Uh, come again?

After the predictable result (dropped on every climb), he announced he'd seek redemption at the Tour. Meanwhile, if he could remember he's a crack Classics guy, he might reorient himself toward October, where he would be a serious threat for both Zurich and Lombardia. I don't know why he keeps punishing himself, in the name of reinventing himself as a grand tour guy.