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The Ride of His Life

No links just yet, just a closing thought... Floyd Landis just did something we'll be talking about for generations. Think about LeMond's time trial win in 1989, a ride most anyone who saw it will offer up as the greatest or at least most dramatic feat they've seen at the Tour. Just ask the folks at Cycling Revealed. It's been 17 years and we talk about it as if it were yesterday.

That's about where Floyd Landis' ride today ranks. The pre-race semi-favorite, suddenly dropping 10 minutes on a jour sans, solos away from the pack the next day and gains pretty much all of it back. Had it not been for the flats leading up to the Joux-Plane, Landis would be solidly in Yellow today. After 100km off the front, his final climb, on the Tour's toughest slopes (after maybe Alpe d'Huez), was just about as fast as the "heads of state" who'd been sheltered all day. He sits with a cheshire cat smile 31 seconds behind the leader and 20 seconds behind the race's other leading protagonist, knowing that the final time trial, the race of truth, has his name all over it.

It's hard to get nostalgic over something that happened an hour ago, but today was pure legend.