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Tour Wrapup: Process Check and Diary Call

They're still spinning around Paris, which gives me plenty of time to  run down the list of matters to consider on these pages over the coming days. Why? Because now that this blog has reached its fully interactive life stage, I am calling for your help with...

the First Ever Formal Podium Cafe Diary Call!

I'll be posting like mad for a few days before easing into life-without-the-Tour mode, but I would love for people here who've made this site hum the last month to help cover the topics listed below (on the flip). Pick a topic (or make up one not listed) and gimme a diary on it. It doesn't matter if we get multiple versions of the same subject, but if you drop a comment here on what you're writing on, it'd help spread out the work. As you can see, we try to promote everything that flows with the day's goings on.

Check it out:

First, we need to take a look at several riders, basically asking: what happened to them in the Tour? and where do they go from here? THe riders:

  • Floyd (duh)
  • Pereiro
  • Kloden
  • Sastre
  • Dessel
  • Evans
  • Leipheimer
  • Cunego (I got dibs!!)
  • Fothen
  • Menchov
  • Moreau
  • Boonen
  • Hushovd
  • The Disco Boys
  • Your pet fave not listed

Other subjects:

  • Who should transfer where?
  • Rate the Parcours, in retrospect
  • Can the sprint comp get any better?
  • Operacion Puerco Puerto's stamp on the Tour?
  • Why this Tour was the most _ Tour in years/ever (including historical comparisons).

OK, that should hold us over for a while. Suggest more ideas, or just write 'em up.