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Musette du Jour Finale

The tribuites will be steadily flowing out of every media outlet you can think of over the next seven days, from ESPN to Letterman to the New York Review of Books. OK, that last one is uncertain, but prepare for the onslaught, and all the "in France there's a race called the Tour" explanations.

Here's what the pros are saying...

About today:

  • Pez does its thing. As does the estimable Mr. Abt. Silence from Prof. Wilcockson, though mostly because I can never seem to open the VeloSnooze site.

More, more, ...more!

  • L'Equipe calls this Floyd'sTour d'Honneur, which is undoubtedly nicer than the doping insinuations they were planning.
  • Interesting article from the New York Times about Landis' win-bonk-win sequence, including the suggestion that it wasn't a coincidence:
For Landis, Lim said, the enforced break from the action during his collapse probably gave him an edge on the following, winning day.
  • Over in TourBlogLand, there's of course Yellow Jersey.Net, with reviews and Lance's take that American Cycling needed Landis. TdFBlog has reviews, cheeky commuters, and the launch of Bike