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Merci! Merci! Merci!

[one last process check as we transition out of the last month's daily routine...]

First off, I want to say how thrilled I and Drew and Mr. Van P have been with the phenomenal participation this site has enjoyed during the Tour de France. In six short months since launching, this site has gone from obscurity to the community vehicle it was always meant to be. Sure, it's fun for us to pontificate -- and we do, and will again -- but the real value of this site is in the thoughts, jokes, research, and writing of all of you. IMHO, our best stuff is/are the open thread comment chains during big stages or events.

Of course, we have enjoyed great community input since, what, the Tour of California? But during the TdF things really reached critical mass, and I could finally step back into the quieter caretaker role where I belong. I hope all readers see this site as a place where you can really do what you want, year-round, not just in July. So, welcome, thank you SO MUCH for joining in, and stick around!

Because -- and it pains my tired bones to say this -- the season doesn't cool off for some time yet...

So, I suspect we will be in reminiscing mode all this week, along with 99% of the media, and some of that may spill into next week as well. That's what I had in mind for the diary call (such as it is). However, the Pro Tour doesn't go on the speaking circuit:

  • July 30: HEW Cyclassics Classic (a/k/a I can't believe it's a classic!)
  • August 1-9: Tour of Germany (a truly excellent minor tour)
  • August 12: Clasica San Sebastian (definitely a classic)
  • August 16-23: Eneco Tour (Belgians in summer?)
  • August 26-Sept. 17: Vuelta! Vuelta! Vuelta!
  • September 23: World Championships
  • October 1: Zuri Metzgete
  • October 8: Paris-Tours
  • October 14: Giro di Lombardia (the best for last)
  • October 23 (approx): Cycle Sport America Tour de France recap issue.

Plus transfers, rumors, the annual T-Mobile throwing-under-the-bus ceremony, and so forth. They don't slow down much, and neither will we.