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Techs-Mechs: Campy 2007

I'll be brief (well, brief for me..).  Campy introduced their 2007 line this past week.  They are apparantly going after the weight-weenie crowd with some of their enhancements.

BB and Crankset:  As reported earlier, Campy is scrapping their square spindle internal bearing BB and cranks and going with outboard bearing with the crank forming a solid piece with the axel.  Instead of a solid axel like Shimano-10 with the non drive crank arm bolted to the axel, the Campy axel will join at the center with a hirth coupling (lot's of tiny teeth that mesh together and a 10mm bolt through the center).  It looks solid and easy to install.  Time will tell about the durability, but I'm going to guess you won't see any recalls (not a guarantee..).  The weight savings compared to the old set up is 89 grams.
Shifters.  Ergo is back with a new feature called Quick Shift.  Basically it minimizes the throw of the lever from 3cm to 1 cm.  This sounds like they took a pretty quick shifting system and made it telepathic.  I would guess that some of the newer cable/housing systems (i.e. Nokon, Powercordz and  Aztec) would enhance the feel a bit.  Gone is Campy "Thump", the ability to upshift by holding the thumb shifter down on the lower lines (Centaur, Veloce), but the quicker shifting may make that function overkill.
Brakes:  Tired of losing market share to Zero Gravity for the ultra-bling crowd, Campy has introduced the Skeleton brake design.  It looks like TC gone wild with a drill press, but it shaves 33 grams from the old model.  Ugly?  A bit, but light and just as strong.  
Run to your nearest Campy dealer with a bank check for $2,025 (Record)and you can outfit your bike with the next generation Campagnolo.