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I Can't Believe It's a Classic!!

Sick of grand tours? Sunday the Pro Tour gets back to Classics racing in Hamburg, Germany, for the Vattenfall Cyclassics Cup, formerly the HEW Cyclassics. This race is notable for being both the newest (1996) of the classics, as well as the only one that feels compelled to include "classic" in its name for fear that people might forget.

I've got a few race resources below the fold, but since it's early let's make this an open thread for the race, as opposed to a full-blown preview.

The official race site is only in German, as far as I can tell, which belies its status as a major race. If you can find the button for other languages, let me know.

Wikipedia as usual has a tidy race history. Their assessment is that there are enough reps over the Waseberg to rule out the pure sprinters, though we'll see. There's also a citizens' race run by the event, which sounds fun.

Anyway, when the best website ever posts rider rosters, we'll know it's game on.