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Finally! Floyd Speaks...

And denies it all to CNN/Sports Illustrated (thanks HughW!!)

Apparently Austin Murphy is the first person Floyd called back. Expect lots more from the man, but this appears to be his first utterance.

Update [2006-7-27 20:44:41 by chris]: ESPN now has an audio file with Landis' teleconference with the media, where he made a statement and fielded some questions. ESPN Radio Link

Rough paraphrased transcript on the flip:

Stmt: don't hang me, wanna prove innocence. Not asking for sympathy, just justice.
Q: What's next? What do you know @ test?
FL: Ask for B sample, I'm still in Europe, spent yesterday & today trying to find expert help, don't know much @ test, don't have T/E number yet Q: How did you react?
FL: start drinkin! Disastrous feeling, dreams shattered, felt low
Q: Beer cause low Epitestosterone?
FL: Heard that one, wait for experts, don't speculate
Q: Where are you?
FL: Europe, but don't ask, trying to stay anonymous so I can get home
Q: Thyroid problem?? exemption for meds?
FL: Exempt (or I'd be positive for cortisone); found out few years ago, still dealing with hip, # got higher last year, risky, went on pills. Dunno if that's explanation.
Q: so no drugs
FL: No, don't know expl, not from PED.
Q: Ever taken one?
FL: Well, no, although people won't believe me.
Q: Experts told you anything yet? permanent stain?
FL: won't ever go away... think I can clear my name, but probably won't ever really go away.
Q: IV after stage 16? Anything different?
FL: Nope, wrote off winning, skipped usual routine, went out for a beer w/ teammates, shared some Jack Daniels in hotel w/ teammates, all coping w/ disappointment.
Q: You've seen skepticism in doping cases, what do you want reaction?
FL: Hope but don't expect anything different. Long process no matter what.
Q: What's your family's response?
FL: pissed @ how parents are being treated, mom's a saint. leave her alone.
Q: Would you lie to your mom?
FL: You met her, nobody would.
Q: If found guilty anyway, then what?
FL: Dunno
Q: Tests out there linking thyroid meds to testosterone?
FL: Team looked into it w/UCI.. doc?
Floyd's Doc: thyroid normal, consulting now on link to testosterone. T/E test criticized, even WADA docs criticize it.
Q: Ever checked T/E before?
Doc & FL: Team hasn't checked, not necessary to monitor
Q: How many reasonable explanations are there?
FL: Gotta wait for experts, plenty though!