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CyClassics Classic ... a Cycling Classic!

So... um, there's a Pro Tour event Sunday. Bears mentioning, doesn't it?

Yo, some resources for the road action! Below...

the start list is up at God's own website. Here's one person's list of riders who could be heard from, with some consideration to who's in form: Pozzato Bettini, Nuyens, Vino, Cancellara, O'Grady, Kessler, Schreck, Gusev, Hoste, Flecha, Freire, Ballan, Steegmans, Van P, Wegmann, Zabel, Paolini, Hushovd. I love the idea of a vengeful Vino dropping everyone with about 10km left and soloing home. Anyway, herein I accept the CW that there are enough climbs to wear out the pure climbers.

Media coverage: does not have the race. Their next big day is the prologue of the Tour of Germany, starting Monday. Try one of the European sources for live media.

Vai Pippo!