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Musette du Jour: Stage 2

The early roundup from today's smash-up in Esch...

Update [2006-7-3 17:40:53 by chris]: Robbie McEwen talks about today's win at CN. Better still (and I never thought I'd say this), VeloNews has no less than ten video clips posted from today alone, starting here with McEwen.

Update [2006-7-3 19:44:12 by chris]: Another don't-miss is Chris Brewer's Fresh Brew for the Paceline, a sort of on-the-ground mix of Disco staff and reporting, including the assertion that "here on the ground the doping scandal that exploded on Black Friday is all but nonexistent. I asked Graham Watson about it and he said, 'It's because the Tour is bigger than that.'"

  • Danilo DiLuca is the first to go home. Urinary infection... bummer. In an unrelated story, a skinny sandy-haired guy was seen outside Signal Iduna Park in Dortmund offering to trade a Liquigas frame for two tickets to tomorrow's Italy-Germany semifinal.
  • The crash: nobody has any news of injuries. I've looked through the usual places. So I'll take that as good news.
  • Thor on the sprint:
"Your first reaction is that you get scared, then you get angry, but when I had seen the pictures on television afterwards I realized that nothing had happened. In sprints generally it's really dangerous - look at yesterday. No-one made any mistakes, but I hit something and so did Boonen. Robbie is just like all the other sprinters. But today he didn't do anything wrong. I can't blame him today, I can just blame myself."

Classy guy. Actually, he can blame Boonen for making him work so hard in the intermediate sprints.
  • Speaking of Tornado Tom, the CW has been that he wants to be in yellow when the race passes through Belgium. Well, that's tomorrow, for starters, and Boonen fell six seconds short of the overall lead today. But there's hope: Wednesday's stage heads back through Belgium, much closer to Flanders than tomorrow's ride. And with six classified climbs tomorrow, the terrain favors a Classics guy over a pure sprinter. Better still, there are sprint spots at Spa, following the Haute-Levee climb, and Aubel, after two more climbs. If there isn't a breakaway, Tommeke could pick up the time he needs on the road. Otherwise, it'll be hellfire over the Cauberg...