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Cycling.TV -- You Can Only Hope to Contain Them

Just watching our boys now..., which sustained us for the last few months of delayed TV coverage of all the world's most famous races other than the Tour, has been boxed out of live Tour coverage for the time being, but they aren't taking it lying down.

on da flip...

Update [2006-7-3 17:37:57 by chris]: Speaking of Tour media, the Broadband Racer does a daily highlight show, hosted by a very fit-looking, English-speaking Stefano Garzelli.

Back to Like 10,000 other media outlets they're doing a quickie highlights package from the previous day's action, but they're also doing a studio show (watching now, Anthony wearing the Tricolore in anticipation of a now-jinxed Italian win), chatting with their own Rebecca as well as James from Pez.

Next, they're off to interview Stuey at the start, usual "do my best." Then to Chris Horner, though it's old stuff from a few weeks back... Hm, not sure where this is headed... Whoa! The controls work!! After months of waiting... the fast-forward comes in handy while Horner blathers on. Fullscreen mode works now too! Was it just me all this time? This is a nice development.

Pez has joined to help in the coverage. It looks like they're nabbing quick comments from riders before the stage. Not sure about post-stage wraps. They're live during the race, in case you'd rather hear them drone on instead of following the action live and in full cheek mode on the Podium Cafe.

Uh oh, the ante has been upped: they're giving away a signed CSC jersey! Not to mention a pair of Zipp wheels. It's not immediately clear how I can win these, though as one of their biggest supporters from the early days my eligibility should be assured. It's possible they're just giving stuff away to people who subscribe during the Tour, which if this is true I have a very bitter post saved up. Something about how we don't have to pay you to stop by the PodCaf [though we're willing to].

Onto Sean Yates now... is clearly the medium for native English speakers, but people new to the tongue might have trouble with the rotating accents. High schoolers in Japan hoping to work on their conversation skills should block off this site when Brian comes on. Yates looks more like a refugee from the set of Trainspotting than someone to whom you'd trust the operation of (perhaps) the world's most expensive bike team. But he's always fun to listen to.

I think this is's signature here, the interview with all the English-speakers, while they watch the race live and chat about the goings-on. If I had two computers, a tv, and no two-year-old, this would be a fine way to take in the race: one screen here, one on, and OLN muted during the endless ads.

Production is improving before our eyes as they jump back to the studio... the pace at which improves is incredible. Seems like minutes ago they couldn't jump to the O'Grady interview in time...

Word from the sponsors... as I was watching OLN today, suffering through one awful ad after another, it struck me that we're still prisoners of another tribe -- which, I don't know, but from the ads it appears they're marked by low self esteem, high cholesterol foods, and a love of explosions. Had the Tour been aired by a network run by Cyclists, the ads would look a lot more like those on

Anyway, this is how it goes at these days. Today, the sidelines... tomorrow the world!