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Musette du Jour: TdF'06 Stage 3

Running late this evening, after properly celebrating the holiday here in the US -- watching soccer and taking my son to the beach. Alas, his sleep schedule made me miss my race... but I'm sure the loss of exercise and extra eating won't come back to haunt me at all.

Anyway, enough of me, today was an auspicious day at the Tour, with plenty of omens on both sides of the ledger. The T-Mob have parted the clouds that hung over them after Der Jan's dismissal with another inspired day from Matthias Kessler, while the peloton was deprived of some big names, and one huge contender, due to crashes. Here we go...

The Good

  • Race reports on Kessler's win: the standard is at Pez, although I'm also partial to IHT's Sam Abt for the day's recap.

The Carnage

  • For all the broken bones, Eurosport has a complete update. Sounds from CN though that it was Oscar Pereiro's swerve that touched off the crash that took out Pereiro's leader. I still don't like Pereiro.
  • According to CN, who has texted messages with him, Stuart O'Grady has fractured a vertebra in his crash today and is doubtful (though not ruled out) to continue.
  • Bicycling's Chris Carmichael reports on the fatigue that he thinks set off the chain reaction.

The Yellow Jersey

  • Anyway, back to the happy stuff. CN interviews Boonen after today's stage. Damn, we need a staff Belgian if we're going to keep pace. Anyway, Boonen was felled by a leaky tire in the finale, so stories of his lack of fitness are greatly exaggerated. So far.
  • Eurosport also sizes up the rainbow jersey's transition to yellow.