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Musette du Jour

I'll be brief today, since we have several other posts, from several other folks, getting to the heart of the matter today. [And I can't tell you how cool it is to see so many names other than mine on posts...]

  • The Giro d'Italia Donne, a/k/a women's Giro, is getting down to business, with Susanne Ljngskog and Nicole Brandli on top after yesterday's climbfest. Everyone thinks it's all coming down to the final stage, Sunday on the Ghisallo.
  • Speaking of other races, Tom Danielson lies second at the Tour of Austria heading into tomorrow's flat ITT. The race concludes Sunday, and Christian Pfannberger will have trouble hanging on to his current 55-second lead with Danielson and other established stars like Austrian Champion Bernhard Kohl in pursuit.
  • Race reports: Pez or the IHT. As usual, keep going...
  • Robbie speaks up about today's win and Gert Steegmans' contribution, among other things.
  • Couple CN quotes from interesting developments yesterday:
Gerolsteiner had its share of problems yesterday, starting with a bus that wouldn't start. The battery "went on strike", as Fabian Wegmann put it. And where do cyclists change their clothes when there is no bus or dressing room around? Well, right there, wherever they are. "So we had to change clothes right there on the street. That surprised some of the fans looking on!", he wrote at "Most of the other riders didn't make fun of us - they've probably all been in that situation before, too."
The two who got it on yesterday without boxing gloves were Walter Beneteau of Bouygues Telecom, whose teammate Jêrome Pineau is leading the mountains classification and Saunier Duval's David de la Fuente, who is second in the rankings. The two mixed it up previously, being fined for "irregular behaviour" on Wednesday.

Writing on, Voigt described the scene this way: "Today the two were riding next to each other and all of a sudden, the Spaniard hits Beneteau full in the face! It was really loud, just like in a boxing match! Beneteau's helmet and glasses practically flew off his head! He swerved, because of course he hadn't been expecting anything like that. Behind them everyone was shouting, 'Hey, are you crazy? If you're going to fight, go to the side of the road! Leave us out of your problems!' Beneteau didn't blink an eye but went directly to the commissaire. I think, that they will throw de la Fuente out of the race."

Sorry Jens, De la Fuente was there at the start and finish today.