Floyd Landis' secret

A fascinating bit of news from the New York Times about the main American, Floyd Landis.  Who knew that for these past four years, he's been riding with a degenerative hip disease?  

No. 2 in Tour Confirms He Needs Hip Surgery - The New York Times

Second over all in the Tour de France and a strong favorite to win the race when it ends July 23, Floyd Landis confirmed today a report that he had been riding in severe pain for four years because of a degenerative condition in his right hip, which he has kept secret. He said he was planning to have hip replacement surgery.

He will complete the Tour, atleast he plans on it.  

Floyd will also be the feature cover article by Daniel Coyle in next week's Sunday Play magazine, a sport supplement to the New York Times: What He's Been Pedaling.

Wow.  My opinion of Floyd has grown tremendously in the past year but this article really blew my mind.  Go Floyd.