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Landis-gate Update and Open Thread

The world is being asked to stand down til Saturday in regards to Floyd Landis' B-Sample, when the results will be determined and immediately leaked to the media. Nobody thinks they're going to change, so I'm not sure you'll see me chained to the blog that afternoon, but the media frenzy will be one for the ages.

More on the flip...

When the expected happens, Oscar Pereiro will then be crowned winner of the Tour de France. No doubt LeBlanc is gleefully burning a copy of the Spanish national anthem to play for reporters. This should be the day's sorriest spectacle: the crowning of a Tour "champion" by default -- to say nothing of the dubious nature of Pereiro's placing. LeBlanc, for his part, will surely argue that Oscar's 30-minute comeback is actually three times as impressive as Landis' 10-minute rebound. Ugh.

Another seeming certainty is Landis' dismissal from Phonak. Will Discovery sign Landis Saturday? Or will they wait until Sunday? Ah, the intrigue.

Anyway, life goes on in some corners:

  • Cycling Revealed is chronicling Cycling's great escapes, starting with Claudio Chiappucci (1992), Laurent Jalabert (1995) and Jacques Anquetil (1966). Part two looks at escapades by Fausto Coppi, Hugo Koblet and Eddy Merckx, followed by a final essay on Charly Gaul. And don't look for CR folks to apologize for the articles' premise anytime soon, in the wake of the testosterone mess; they're flying the innocent-til-proven flag.
  • Meanwhile, VN reports that as Operacion Puerco sprawls across the continent, they're at least turning over the Landis-connection rock. Considering the headline potential, it's worth trying to concoct something. Maybe we should lean on the CIA to establish a connection.