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Racing Alert!

We've started hyping the DeutschlandTour, which not only functions as a great race but I am now informed that its nickname is the clever "D-Tour". But that's hardly the only racing going on.

  • CSC is lining up en masse to prove it's a Danish team at the Denmark Tour. American sponsor? Italian leader? Never mind all that, we're winning "our" home tour. They kick off Wednesday for six stages.
  • Back home, there's the second annual Tour of Utah, an event that will shame those lesser tours in Europe, except with domestic pro's. Weeklong race, starts next Monday. The queen stage is the hump from Park City to Snowbird, a great signature race even if it is only 86 km.
  • Getting back to the Pro Tour, August 12 is the date for the Clasica San Sebastian, a/k/a Lance's favorite "classic" ride prior to his becoming a Tour de France specialist. It's run by Basques, which means climb climb climb!

Admittedly I'm desperate to talk about anything but doping. Not a bad lineup of distractions though...