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Did anyone notice?

That Pez gave us big props for taking Lefevre to task last week?

Patrick Lefevere made some very pointed comments and threats toward the embattled Floyd Landis last week.

This should raise eyebrows. They should be arched towards the back of your head. Lefevere has been at the helm of some of the dirtiest teams in cycling for MANY a year - cough, cough GB-Bianchi circa mid 90's. He has avoided the ignominy, mostly, of positive dope tests, but one case stands out VERY prominently:

Johan Museeuw.

Oh yeah, remember him? He wasn't dirty. He didn't get a two-year ban upon his retirement for very, very systematic doping practices. Surely Lefevere knew nothing of this.

The readers (and submitters) to did a great job of pointing out some of the more poignant doping moments in Lefevere's tainted past...

Yay for us and yay for Pez (still a favorite website and candy).