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Phonak is History!

Via CN, according to the enticingly named Blick Magazine, iShares has bailed from its arrangement to take over as the principle sponsor of Phonak, and Andy Rihs is apparently ready to announce on Tuesday that he can't find another sponsor. Apparently this is a scoop, I haven't seen it anywhere else. The Pro Tour is now down one team at least (assuming Astana is good to go from now on), and Floyd Landis's mediocre teammates are now out of jobs, for the time being. None of this is especially tragic, though it is a bummer that Switzerland is no longer represented on the Pro Tour, at least not by a team. This is the nation that has given us the Zuri Metzgete fall classic since 1914, as well as great champions like Ferdi Kubler, Henri Suter and Hugo Koblet. Oh, and Fabien Cancellara. Hopefully the Pro Tour slot will not go to yet another anonymous French, Spanish or Italian team.