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Daily Feedbag

It's been a beautiful, sunny weekend, with plenty of things to do away from the laptop. Hope you understand. Not the least of which was the possible end of my Cycling career, at least as a formal racer. We had a nice ride at the state team time trial, and I think that's probably all I'll have time for this year. Since we're having our second kid in December, the idea of being able to train for competition seems laughable for the next couple years. And by then, Cycling will no longer exist, to hear some tell it. So there you go.

Anyway, there's plenty going on while the sport hangs by a thread.

  • I covered a few silly legal issues, but if you want the scoop on legalities of the Landis proceedings or drug testing generally, VeloNews's in-house attorney Bob Mionske signed his name to an article on doping law actually written by a law student at my alma mater. Which between us and my buddy Mark in Portland (who does some cyclists' plaintiff's work that I'll diarize soon) makes Lewis & Clark one of the most cycling-conscious law schools in the nation. Of course, most law firms don't hire guys in spandex...
  • VN reports George Hincapie will actually contest the US Pro Championships next month in Greenville, SC. Organizers, by placing the race in his hometown, pretty much trapped him into attending, but I can't imagine him being on form for the win. And this isn't some scripted post-Tour crit.
  • Eneco Tour starts Wednesday, seven days of flat sprints... live! on!!