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Daily Feedbag

Still away on bidness, and not exactly keeping up in a timely manner. But the show must go on, ne?

  • Tommeke saunters home to victory in the first Eneco road stage. Between bonuses and his fine prologue, Boonen takes over the lead, for now.
  • Meanwhile, Andreas Kloden not only stayed upright but nearly took today's stage of the Regio Tour, won in a sprint by Matthias Russ of Gerolsteiner after he and Klodi successfully broke away.
  • Hm, it's been a couple weeks, and I can't quite recall what it was that bugged me about Oscar Pereiro so much. What was it?
"When the others see me a minute or two in front the alarm bells will start ringing and I don't like that as I prefer to try and catch people off guard.

Right! Of course, the OP doesn't bother to wonder what the others will think when he drops 26 minutes on the first mountain stage. But then, in some people's minds, it never really happened...

  • Back at VN, the legal wheels keep spinning, as Bob Mionske again gets his Lewis & Clark protege to ghost-write him an article on the doping process. Today's lesson: how to challenge a positive.
  • And finally, what's wrong with this paragraph, aside from suggesting Pat McQuaid is drinking again?
Pat McQuaid: It's very unfortunate. iShares put this off because of what Floyd Landis did. ... As I keep saying over and over, until the process on Landis is completed, he still has the presumption of innocence....

Yeah, right!