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Weekend Feedbag

Thanks to Clydesdale for kicking off the Virtual DS competition in a timely fashion (Cycling News says their "fantasy Vuelta" is coming soon). Nothing could divert our attention back to racing like a VDS comp for a grand tour... I'll be in trial all week next week, so my midday presence will be minimal, but we're no strangers to having people pick up the slack here. Have at it...

A quick look around the Pro Tour:

  • Andreas Kloden has taken charge of the Regio Tour, winning today's time trial over teammate and closest competitor Mick Rogers, among others. Too bad T-Mobile can't get their hands on any winners.
  • Meanwhile, having fled the Eneco Tour, Bobby Julich sounds like he's cooked for the year (from CN):
"Bobby didn't have any strength left following a couple of stages with crosswinds and several crashes. He was completely worn out both physically and mentally, so we decided he should get some rest instead," explained sports director Tristan Hoffman on
  • Back to the road, Tyler Hamilton and Aimee Vasse won the Mt. Washington (NH) Hill Climb. The article, pilfered from VN, still talks about Hamilton's suspension expiring on the eve of the worlds, which of course is true (nobody has acted on the Op. Puerto evidence yet). Can you imagine a bigger blow to the sport than Hamilton coming back, winning the rainbow jersey, and then getting tossed for the Puerto scandal?
  • Bernhard Kohl tells CN why he left T-Mob for Gerolsteiner, in his rather upbeat way.