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Eneco Tour Wrapup -- Stage 7... WTF?

Today's penultimate stage would actually be interesting to watch if a) I had time, and b) were functioning. Maybe I already missed it... but the stage is a miniature version of Liege-Bastogne-Liege, with all your favorite cotes, plenty of places to put race leader George Hincapie under pressure.

Update [2006-8-23 10:32:9 by chris]: This might be one of those moments where the only reaction is pure disbelief. According to Eurosport's live ticker, Hincapie was in the final sprint, protecting his slim lead, and crashed 10 meters from the line. Stefan Schumacher got the stage win and the overall as Hincapie lay on the tarmac. If that doesn't summarize both his and Discovery's season, I dunno. Unreal! Update [2006-8-23 10:36:28 by chris]: Now Hincapie is pissed at Schumacher, who knocked him down in the sprint!! Race jury will definitely be consulted here. Schu is saying a fan knocked him. This isn't settled just yet!