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Eneco Wrap -- Sorta Justice

The controversy over the Eneco Tour should blow over in a day or two. First off, both sides are being pretty mature about the whole matter. Discovery are saying they were rooked, but it wasn't Schumacher's fault. Schumacher, for his part, is saying about the same thing and though he didn't like the ending, he's not disavowing his result.

I finally got a breather and watched (working brilliantly on demand) and from the replay it's apparent Schumacher is pretty blameless. He swerved when, at top speed, he got knocked a bit by an idiot spectator, disturbing his balance and causing him to wobble, which led to the wheel touch that decked Hincapie. You can't get pissed at Schumacher.

But you can't blame Hincapie either... motoring along, trying to set up his sprint, and getting dumped through no fault of his own. The best you can do is estimate whether Schumacher would have gotten third place -- and the overall win on bonus seconds -- without the contact, and my guess is in the affirmative. But reasonable minds could differ...