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Vuelta Time!

I'm resettling back into humanity, just in time for the third-greatest race on the calendar, the Vuelta a Espana. We've been checking it out piecemeal, with Drew listing the favorites and Elvisgoat providing a good stages link. For now, consider this your resources roundup.

First off, though, two questions for y'all:

  • What html color codes do you think best resembles the golden fleece? [editor's note, by chris] I think I found the exact colors
  • Speaking of jerseys, anyone know where I can snag some clip art of the four jerseys for the daily race results sidebar?

As for those resources...

The official Vuelta site is pretty slick, although its primary function is results and recap, so right now there are a lot of blank spaces. But there are history sections and stage details, plus some other expected stuff. Oh, and you can download the entire race in Google Earth. This is now a prerequisite for serious Pro Tour events.

As ElvisGoat pointed out already, Daily Peloton has a very handy compilation of all 21 stages, by profile with a brief description.

Information about the four jerseys of the race is over at Eurosport... although they fail to point out that the blue points classification has fish on it thanks to its sponsorship by the anglers of Spain.

As for more traditional previews, if you want to read a repetitive recitation of the expected combatants for the GC, you can run through each of the following:


Lots of Vuelta history lessons out there too. First, there are the semi-official historians over at Cycling Revealed. Then there's the ever-colorful Pez version. And as always, the comprehensive Wikipedia.

Daily Media has been hitting the networks pretty hard -- here included -- to round up subscribers for their Vuelta coverage. Now, ordinarily I don't enjoy emails which basically say "Hi, please buy my shit," but has been the best thing to happen to the sport, from the tifosi viewpoint, all year, and I for one plan to plunk down tonight, before the start. I won't tell you what to do, but go here to enlist.

No doubt CyclingNews and Eurosport will be running live tickers; VN too maybe?. Cycling Revealed will have daily articles, along with the usual suspects. And here at the Cafe, we should have daily open threads for our usual real-time poke at the action.

The Riders

As usual, the start list is provided by the keepers of the Cycling start list zen quest. Also, every preview listed above has one, and I suspect the Vuelta's site could be relied on for it as well. The impact of the world's most startling website is dulled by the big races; it's more crucial during, say, Brabantse Pijl.

Oh, and as of today, there's one less rider: Koldo Gil gets canned for his Operacion Puerco connections. But the remaining 189 riders have officially been cleared to race.

American Corner

Read not one, but two interviews with great white hope Tom Danielson.