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T?glicher Radsportrundfahrtnachrichtenfuttersack

Slow day? No way, Jose. You'll know it's a slow day when (a) I don't post any race results; and (b) I announce a haiku contest.

Update [2006-8-3 16:2:40 by chris]: New Landis/Puerto links added on the flip.

As to those race results:

  • OK, I've been a schlep so far and haven't woken up in time for much more than the final few moments of the D-Tour. Thanks to a group of you for manning the open thread this morning. Sounds like there was a bit of action off the front, and a great conclusion -- everyone loves a hard-earned Jens Voigt victory. Well, I do, and to this day my favorite memory from the TdF'06 was Voigt winning stage 13, still yelling at Oscar Pereiro for not pulling through as he crossed the line. [Pereiro's gain that day may be my least favorite memory, but that's another matter...]
  • Over in the Little D-Tour, they managed to find some hills in Denmark. Stage 2 saw CSC pull the daily double, with Fabien Cancellara matching Voigt with a 21-second win. And as if Bjarne wasn't proud enough, Stuart O'Grady nabbed second and the two now sit 1-2 on the GC. Cadel Evans was lurking in fourth, and now sits 7th overall at 0:33... though he's hardly a shoo-in for the final win with only a 14km ITT to sort things out.
  • And down on the boot, Danilo DiLuca made his triumphant return to racing, lingering in the caboose at the GP Citta di Camaiore. Eleven minutes earlier, his teammate Luca Paolini finally got a win.
  • More on the trials of Ivan Basso: called for questioning in four weeks. Looks like he'll be in limbo indefinitely.
  • Bombshell of the day: VN reprints the anonymous story of an Italian sprinter who claims everyone is doped at the top levels. Goddammit.
  • Very interesting development: IOC's Jacque Rogge asking whether workloads are too great at the Tour. Race organizers mercilessly piling it on riders was one of the original causes of doping, though I'm not sure it's that simple anymore.