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From CN this morning

German anti-doping expert Werner Franke has expressed his amazement at the contents of a dossier on Jan Ullrich collected by Spanish investigators as part of Operacion Puerto. Franke was quoted on German Rheinmaintv as saying, "I have the file of Mr Ullrich from Madrid and it's been a while since I've seen so much bad stuff.

"There must have been people around him who put him in contact with Spanish doctors. He bought quite a lot of dope in Spain. In one year, Ullrich paid €35,000 for doping substances."

Ullrich defended himself against Franke's comments in Bild, saying, "He just likes to be on television. I've never heard so much nonsense."

Ullrich was prevented from riding in the Tour de France as a result of his implication in Operacion Puerto. He was also dismissed from T-Mobile, and his future is still up in the air."

...What is the sound of the other shoe dropping..?  Bye Jan.