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D-Tours: Game Over, and Game On!

In Denmark, they're mercifully finished as only Thomas Zeigler's third place prevented a CSC 1-2-3. Fabien Cancellara proves again that he knows how to ride in northern Europe, with the overall win just ahead of the irrepressible Stuart O'Grady, Zeigler, and Kurt-Asle Arvesen. Frank Hoj in 12th is the top placed Dane, but with homegrown Cycling icon CSC in charge, it's presumably a good day for the local fans.

Meanwhile, things are finally... FINALLY taking shape at the DeutschlandTour. For five days all we learned was that it rains in Germany in August sometimes, and that we west coasters better set our alarms if we expect to see any live action at all. But with Levi Leipheimer's canny win on today's so-called Queen stage, we at least have some intrigue to get us out of bed. Leipheimer, briefly gapped by an attacking Andrei Kashechkin on the final, stiff 9% climb, clawed back to the leaders, summitted, and hit the gas... slipping away downhill for the last three km to a solo win.

Ultra-hardman Jens Voigt hung around the climbers all day, and now slips into the lead, but the top ten are all under a minute, including second-placed Vlad Gusev only three seconds back, and the defending American champ a mere 18 seconds adrift -- nothing when considering that tomorrow is a similar arrangement with an h.c. climb midway and a cat-1 grind to the finish in St. Anton, Austria. Next day is a bumpy 40km time trial. So although today's drama winnowed the field and ditched the sprinters, there is a great deal of racing left to be done in the next 48 hours.[editor's note, by chris] and hopefully tomorrow they'll race the entire course. They canceled the h.c. climb in stage 5 b/c of weather:

Said CSC directeur-sportif Kim Andersen, "They didn't want to cross the biggest climb, because they said the descent was way too dangerous in that weather, but that's debatable, I guess. The organisers did underline the fact that the same thing will NOT be happening tomorrow. They'll have to climb all the mountains - including the hors category one," he said.