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Man of the Hour (and T?glicher Futtersack)

I don't like borrowing commercial photos -- CyclingNews and AFP, forgive me. But this is too fun to pass up.

Update [2006-8-8 17:26:28 by chris]: Given the toll this doping talk takes, this is a good time for the First Annual Jens Voigt Caption Contest!

DeutschlandTour coverage and daily roundup... on the flip!

The DeutschlandTour was rescued from itself in the last 48 hours by Mr. Do-it-all Jens Voigt. Until his final few kilometers Monday, the race had been marked by bad weather, uneventful racing, and even the cancellation of the race's summit climb. Yesterday looked relatively tame too, as the decisive move was Levi Leipheimer's subtle acceleration near the summit... until Ubermensch/super-domestique Jensi clawed his way back to the leaders somehow and blasted home for the shocking stage win. With only a modest 40km time trial and a final flat stage left, the race was pretty much over, though Jensi put an exclamation on his ride with a second straight stage win in the leader's jersey... and barring disaster the overall title. Leipheimer, to his credit, rode a nice race for second, but lacked the explosiveness on the climbs to steal the race. Lampre and Astana were the most fun teams to watch, and Andrey Kashechkin was solid all the way through. But the biggest news was the disaster known as T-Mobile, showing that no race is too important to blunder through. Eddy Mazzoleni led the homeboys in pink with his ninth-place (-4:36) ride.

  • Race roundups from Pez, and Eurosport, and the CSC website.
  • CN did the translation, but the story of Bernhard Kohl's transfer from T-Mob to Gerolsteiner came from his website. Further evidence that T-Mob are on shaky ground. There is an absolute flood of young German talent at the Pro Tour level right now, but top riders see their chances blocked at T-Mob by the corrupt or at least incompetent old guard. Things might turn around quickly, with Ullrich disgraced, Pevenage booted, and Kloden left twisting in the wind. But if not, Gerolsteiner are ideally positioned to take over as Germany's team.
  • Cycling Revealed has its second installment in its Great Escapes series.
  • VN's roundup has Vino bemoaning lack of race days and plotting his next moves.
  • Erik Dekker has announced his retirement a few months short of his planned date. Dekker said this would be his last season, but after crashing heavily out of the Tour, he lost interest in overcoming his injuries just to squeeze in a few last races.
  • Eurosport on the strange permutations of the Ullrich case.
  • Is there a bigger blowhard in the sport right now than Werner Franke? Maybe I'm being unfair, but I don't see why we have to hear from him every day...
And Franke wants actions to follow his words. "I am considering filing charges of serious bodily injury; not against Ullrich, because I don't believe that he had any idea how dangerous all of that was," he affirmed. "I'm concerned with those behind the scenes, the real criminals. I am so far the only one in Germany who has gone to court to fight against doping; the other people like Mr. Scharping [Rudolf Scharping, head of the national federation - ed.] are just talking about it," he concluded.