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A little more of the same

Lefevere considers action against Landis

The president of the professional teams association and Quick.Step team manager Patrick Lefevere has put forward the idea of legal action against Floyd Landis for damaging the sport of cycling. "Actually, we should take him to court for what he is now doing to cycling," said Lefevere to "Why not? Why not take the American approach of dealing with things and apply it here? As long as Landis continues to maintain that he knows nothing, this sort of scenario becomes more likely. I feel like throwing up when I hear him. Landis has turned the clock back 20 years."

Lefevere also called for the removal of Phonak from the ProTour, citing its 10 doping cases in the last three years. "Look, one doping case per year is possible to explain, but ten in three years? Teams like that should be out of the PorTour. I had warned the Tour management before the start of the Tour. I'm certainly not a judge and the fate of Phonak is not yet sealed, but I would gladly like an explanation."

I seem to remember one Johan Musseuw getting hit with a two year suspension for doping by the Belgian cycling federation that has affected his ability to become a DS for Quick Step. Interesting that Lefevere didn't mention that.