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Bolso de Alimento Diario

Not much to munch on out there. I am off for the weekend, Mr. Van P will be in charge. So look for a 36-page white paper on Campy versus Shimano: the final showdown!

  • Tour of Brit: Pippo wins again, as the Italian prodigy makes a push for inclusion on a crowded Worlds squad. Let's see... DiLuca is focusing on it, you can bet Cunego will be invited... Bettini's last remaining goal in Cycling... the competition among the Azzure could be as vicious as the race itself.
  • Speaking of worlds, the guy with the current rainbow fleece, Tom Boonen, hit the floor after slipping on oil. All was well nonetheless.
  • So now Patrik Sinkewicz isn't going to Milram? Where he would be their Tour guy? Hey, whatever. With T-Mobile's growing roster, there's no WAY staying there will limit his chances, right? Speaking of strange transfers, I am not sure what to make of the Savoldelli-to-Astana rumors. Maybe I just dreamed this, but I could swear he's headed back to Italy, perhaps to Lampre to mentor the Kid.