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The Lighter Side of a Doping Controversy

OK, this will only be funny if it doesn't go anywhere (e.g. penalties), but the Vino/Kashechkin doping control screwup sounds like some keystone kops work on the part of the UCI:

The two leaders of the Astana team, Alexandre Vinokourov and Andrej Kashechkin, missed the doping controls carried out by the UCI in the morning of stage 15 on Sunday. When the inspectors arrived at the team's hotel, the two Kazakhstanis had already left in the team bus to go to the start of the stage in Motilla del Palancar, some 80 kilometres away.

The inspectors asked for the bus to turn around and come back, but the team personnel refused. "The inspectors arrived too late for the two riders," team spokesman Jacinto Vidarte told Reuters. "The hotel was a long way from the start town, and the stage started at 10am in the morning. Everybody was due to ride in the team cars, but the two Kazakhs had breakfasted early and decided to go in the bus because it would be more comfortable."

Like I said, from this bit of info, the UCI had better just leave them alone, or it won't be very funny after all.