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Two More Worlds Squads: Holland and Belgium

From CN:


Tom Boonen (QuickStep-Innergetic)
Nick Nuyens (QuickStep-Innergetic)
Philippe Gilbert (Française des Jeux)
Stijn Devolder (Discovery Channel)
Johan Vansummeren (Davitamon-Lotto)
Kevin Hulsmans (QuickStep-Innergetic)
Leif Hoste (Discovery Channel)
Serge Baguet (QuickStep-Innergetic)
Jurgen Van Goolen (Discovery Channel)

A mind-numbingly unbeatable squad for any cobblestone race... Coach Carlo Bomans thinks the course is better for Nuyens and Gilbert but won't forget about the defending Champ.


Michael Boogerd (DNS today in Spain)
Karsten Kroon
Gerben Löwik
Bram Tankink
Joost Posthuma
Jan Boven
Max van Heeswijk
Maarten Tjallingii.

Thomas Dekker's tragic bad luck means there's still one spot open for reserves Pieter Weening, Theo Eltink, Bram de Groot, Steven de Jongh and Servais Knaven. Shee-oot, Dekker would've been a great choice here...