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Daily Feedbag

With the Grand Tour season behind us, it's time to refocus on those one-day warriors who will animate the World Championships and the three remaining classics that follow. But first, a note from our race organizers:

We want a divorce!

OK, nothing ever seems final, regardless of what's said, in the unending struggle for world supremacy between the UCI and the Grand Tours. And here, it doesn't sound like the differences are all that stark: two fewer teams, a couple less races, and everyone goes home happy. However, that would probably undo some sticky contracts, so all we can say now is that this promises to drag on about as long as Baseball's realignment. Someday Sage will be posting about the latest spat...

On da flip:

Anyway, it's World Championships Week, and no, we will not be doing rainbow colors in the sidebar background.

  • Big transfer news: Pippo Pozzato is leaving Quick Step, having been crowded out (scroll down) by their rash of signings.
  • Lastly, this headline from CN:
T-Mobile to be an "international team of character"

Headed no doubt by new DS Austin Powers.