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Etapa Nueve: Ay Carraumba!!!!

The profile of the 9th stage bears a strong resemblence to the bottom row of teeth of a Great White shark  (Porkers? Mr. Hooper..).  206 kms from A Fonsagrada to Alto de la Cobertoria.  Along the way the riders will be smacked in the mouth with an early Cat 3 climb, then two Cat 1's another Cat 3 a Categoria Especial (HC) and the finishing Cat 1 (9km at 8.5% to Alto de la Cobertoria).  GC shakeup today?  Gee, maybe just a bit. This is an open thread.  Put on a pot of coffee, maybe warm up last night's paella and blog away.  This should be fun.  And Chris thought we needed the Pyranees...