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World Champs Daily Feedbag

With the Cycling world at rest in Salzburg today, here are five thoughts that could matter come Sunday:

  1. Salzburg is practically in Germany. Geographically, not politically, speaking. Home field advantage...
  2. Alexandre Vinokourov is clearly not all that tired after the Vuelta.
  3. The weather forecast looks lovely for Sunday.
  4. The last two times an American won, it was raining and miserable.
  5. Didi the Devil will be there.
OK, that last one probably doesn't tip the race in any direction. And the first four are mostly reasons an American won't win. Sorry Chris Horner. After that...

More on the flip:

First off, let me apologize for the lack of info yesterday. I did a feedbag, but at the last second I lost it in a single misplaced keystroke, and was too pissed off to recreate it. I have feelings too, you know.

There were a gajillion Cancellara stories out there, but here's just a sampling:

  • Onto more relevant subjects, VeloNews runs around the road race course with camera in hand.
  • In non-worlds news, the UCI issued its 2007 Pro Tour calendar, including the grand tours. Guess I can start scheduling my vacations.
  • Bargain of the year: CN announces that Pippo Pozzato is headed to Leakygas, where he and Magnus Backstedt and Luca Paolini make a formidable Classics squad.
  • Fool's gold: speaking of available riders, Tyler Hamilton is free to race. For now.