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Worlds: More Afternoon Morsels

  • I have no idea how to handicap the Women's race, so I'll let CN do it for me.
  • Continuing to poach from CN, the Spanish pin their hopes on Alejandro Valverde. Speaking of whom, wasn't it only a year ago when he still had a hairline? Not that I'm one to talk, but he seems to be aging in dog years.
  • Meanwhile, the Italians are pinning their hopes on Paolo Bettini, as you know. Heck, if the Italian footballers can coalesce, maybe the cyclists can too.
  • Meanwhile, the Burkina Fasoans are pinning their hopes on Jeremie Ouedraogo, winner of the national tour last year.
  • The official website mostly sucks, but FWIW, here's the schedule for Sunday.
  • More CN poaching: transfer rumors including Unibet sniffing around about Thomas Dekker's availability, and Milram snorting at Jan Ullrich's.