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The New, New T-Mobile

According to their website, T-Mob used today's watershed press conference to set the course for 2007 through 2010. The basic plan is to spend 2007 in transition, while the team builds around Mick Rogers and Gerald Ciolek for the longer term.

Update [2006-9-27 14:27:58 by chris]: Another pillar of the new philosophy is strict internal doping controls. From VN:

The team vows to implement the strictest internal doping controls of any team in cycling, including a groundbreaking blood-volume test that alleges to be able to detect blood transfusions. "The program brings innovative methods and new procedures from training and athletic development, anti-doping testing and monitoring, and sports psychology," said team doctor Dr. Lothar Heinrich. The team will work with staff from the University of Freiburg in Germany as well as be monitored by external, independent experts. "All riders know our concept and our rules," Aldag said. "We need riders with a good heart, a good head and good legs who will work well together as a team."
The roster, on the flip:


Michael Barry (30/Canada), Mark Cavendish (21/Great Britain), Gerald Ciolek (20/Germany), Bernhard Eisel (25/Austria), Bert Grabsch (30/Germany), Roger Hammond (31/Great Britain), Servais Knaven (35/Netherlands), Axel Merckx (34/Belgium), Aaron Olsen (28/USA), Jacob Piil (33/Denmark) and Marco Pinotti (30/Italy).


Michael Rogers (26/Oz), Eric Baumann (26/Germany), Lorenzo Bernucci (27/Italy), Scott Davis (27/Australia), Linus Gerdemann (24/Germany), André Greipel (24/Germany), Giuseppe Guerini (36/Italy), Serhiy Honchar (36/Ukraine), Kim Kirchen (28/Luxembourg), Andreas Klier (30), André Korff (33/Germany), Frantisek Rabon, (23/Czech Republic) Stephan Schreck (28/Germany), Patrik Sinkewitz (25/Germany) and Thomas Ziegler (25/Germany).

Left Out, Transfered Away, etc.

Andreas Kloden, Oscar Sevilla, Bas Giling, Jan Ullrich, Serguei Ivanov, Matti Kessler, Bernhard Kohl, Jorg Ludewig, Eddy Mazzoleni, Daniele Nardello, Olaf Pollack, Steffen Wesemann.