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Cycling.TV Coverage Grows

Not sure exactly when this became official, but you can add at least two more weekends to your Cycling.TV schedule: September 23 and October 1. The former is the day of the World Championships elite men's road race -- likely to be one of the more hotly-contested races for the rainbow in recent years. The C-TV will be selling this through its UCI channel... yep, another 20 Euros or so.

After that, it's the Championship of Zurich, a.k.a. Zuri Metzgete, one of the oldest and most beautiful classics. I'm still holding out hope for the Giro di Lombardia, the "race of the falling leaves," showing up on their live schedule, but not holding out much hope -- I've been informed they'd have to buy access from the Giro d'Italia folks. Then again, they got the Giro itself, so it remains a possibility.

All that said, it sucks to get repeatedly soaked by C-TV for the premium, then the Giro, then the Vuelta, then the UCI channel... we're talking close to $100 for the year. On the other hand, if there were a cable channel that showed Cycling for real -- from February to the Falling Leaves -- and bumped up your bill $10/month, you'd do it in a heartbeat, right?