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Daily Feedbag

Seems like the spate of news has subsided, and we're back to the slow winter newsdays. But apparently it's not just us. With that being said...

  • VeloNews has launched a new newsletter service called the Prologue. Whether it can compete with the Daily Feedbag remains to be seen, but it's nice to see VN putting in the full effort these days.
  • Speaking of VN, Prof. Wilcockson has been filing stories all week from Africa. They're interesting enough, although I think his intended audience is the editor who agreed to pay for this junket.

More on the flip...

  • Got form all year (Robbie McEwen)? If you can sprint, and you can find your top gear in November, then you might just win a million bucks! Abu Dhabi and Qatar are in some weird race to see who can throw more money at European Cycling. I'm calling this now for Petacchi.
  • Speaking of Petacchi, the CN Notes say the Milram star is cranking it up for a big year. OK, so you don't get a lot of stories in January of riders claiming the coming year is going to suck. Still, Petacchi with a chip on his shoulder could make for a fun Qatar. Also, Rabo extends to 2012.
  • Continuing its charm offensive, the Pro Tour filed a complaint at the EU against the Grand Tours claiming their spat amounts to a restraint of trade. Which is basically what the GTs have said about the Pro Tour, and which is what the teams have claimed about one or both of them. Hooray!
  • CN's Rider of the Year poll looks pretty familiar. But what's with Carlos Sastre not appearing in a poll where Jan Ullrich registers a few votes? Whatever!
  • Floyd Landis has been on the move lately, taking his I Didn't Do It Tour to DC yesterday. See the diary by Sui Juris for further details. Eurosport's takeaway points focus on Landis itching to return to Paris, which would present an historical first: a defending champ out for revenge.